2020 CATCH Youth Tournament Trail

Saturday, October 17th, SafeLight till 1:00pm
Grasshopper ramp on Lake Chickamauga

The 2020 CATCH Youth Tournament will be launching from the Grasshopper Creek ramp on Lake Chickamauga on Saturday morning October 17. This is an open tournament. This is not part of our tournament trail. We use our tournament trail rules, but we don’t go overboard on making sure everything is 100% strictly by the book. We realize that this event is more about fun and fellowship and friendly competition than it is winning at all cost. This event is hosted as a ministry event and therefore there is no corporate sponsor. THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS WILL BE SAFETY AND FELLOWSHIP.

We will have pre-registration at Fishtales in Cleveland on Friday night, 10/16. The address is 5008 Georgetown Road NW. It will begin at 5:00PM and it will end at 6:15PM - give or take a few minutes either way. We will start when we get set up so there is no wait in line.

If you cannot attend, you can send someone in your place.

You can sign up at the ramp Saturday morning until 7:00am.

Legal boat has one adult at least 18 years old and one youth 17 or under - no solo anglers for this one. Two anglers per boat - not one or three. Don't ask for an exception for any reason.

Three fish limit and the youth must have a keeper - adult can only weigh two fish no matter how many they land.

If you need help launching, we'll be more than happy to help.

Blast-off at safelight
Weigh-in at 1:00pm
$35 per boat - which includes big fish
No additional fees
100% payback paying 1 place per 5 boats
Lunch at the Grasshopper pavillion afterwards. Lunch provided by CATCH Ministry.  

CATCH Ministry Proudly Supports
Shoes For Orphan Soles
We are hosting a shoe drive during the
month of August. For more information
Contact Keith at