2019 CATCH Tournament Trail Schedule

Date Location Ramp  Launch Weigh-In Tournament Sponsor
2/16 Chickamauga Grasshopper Safelight 3:00pm Tank’s Tackle at Fishtales
3/16 Chickamauga Grasshopper Safelight 3:00pm Boat Carpet Carpet
4/13 Watts Bar Fooshee Safelight 3:00pm Roger’s Dental
5/11 Chickamauga
Safelight 3:00pm Stephanie Painter
6/7 Watts Bar
Fooshee 7:00PM 3:00am Mike Bell
7/19 Chickamauga Grasshopper 7:00pm 3:00am J & J Piping
8/16 Watts Bar Fooshee 7:00pm 3:00am Athens Collision
9/13 Chickamauga Grasshopper 7:00pm 3:00am H & J Heating and AC
10/12 Chickamauga Grasshopper Safelight 4:00pm  

* 10/12 - CATCH Classic

March 30th* Annual Guys and Dolls Tournament 
Chickamauga/Grasshopper Safelight-2pm

April 27th -  Battle of Chickamauga High School Tournament
/Dayton Safelight-3pm

August 31st - CATCH Youth Tournament 
Chickamauga/Grasshopper Safelight-Noon

* In case of cancellation due to bad weather, the Guys and Dolls Tournament
will be rescheduled for May 18th